petak, 10. kolovoza 2012.

Make your own unique hair elastics- part 1

With just a couple of creative materials, scraps and unused items you can make sweet and unique hair elastics.
I have had long hair all my life so I spend lot of money on buying hair bands, elastics and other hair accessories. This year I decided to make my own things so I can save up money and get exactly what I want from my hair accessories:)

- scissors
- hot glue
- buttons
- recycled bows
- decorative bands
- needle & thread
- white elastic band

How to:
Cut your elastic band into stripes 17 cm long.
Sew the ends of elastics together by hand or with your sewing machine.
I added some examples of decoration.

1. Here I used a bow that I cut out from some old dress, I decorated it with a pearl and attached it to elastic using hot glue.

2. Few days ago I made small flowers using felt and some old curtain scraps and shiny stone decorations so I used this one for my elastic band.
3. This one is made out of old decorative flower and a cute purple button.
4. And the last one from this part is made out of decorative tape, red button and blue stone.

So these are my simple cute elastics:

Part 2 coming soon!:)
Hope you'll like it and try to make your own elastics.

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