ponedjeljak, 27. kolovoza 2012.

More belts from me :)

This one is very simple:)

What you need:
- old jeans material
- decorative tape
- hook and loop tape

Cut out rectangles so the sum of their length matches your waistline and leave 4 cm for the sewing line.
Sew the rectangles together and make edges. Put the sides together and sew them.

Cut small pieces of hook and loop tape and sew it on the belt.
Add some decoration tape or other decorations such as flower brooch and that's it:)

This is how it look on me:P

srijeda, 22. kolovoza 2012.

Collar necklace

I'm sure you have already seen this trend hundred of times recently.:)

This is my version of a collar necklace made from some fabric scraps, a few buttons and a metal chain. It's very easy to make and if you're interested I will put a tutorial in the next few days:)

utorak, 21. kolovoza 2012.

Felt cupcakes

I found this super cute felt cupcake pincushion tutorial and made myself two small ones with scraps of felt that I had at the moment.

Here's the page with the tutorial:


And here are my two cupcakes:)

ponedjeljak, 20. kolovoza 2012.

Make a gift box

Yesterday while I was looking for some free card making papers, I came across this great site where you can download many different kinds of gift box templates.


I printed out some of them and made a few gift boxes for incoming birthdays:) I used some of my old Christmas papers because my stock of paper is very low and I couldn't find anything appropriate :P
You can decorate these templates with stickers, glitters, bows and other stuff. Let your imagination lead the way:) I was in a hurry so I made it really simple but soon I'll play more with these great templates:)

petak, 17. kolovoza 2012.

Birthday card

Two of my dear friends are celebrating their birthday this month so I decided to make them some unique cards:)

First one is made from cardboard paper, decorative fleece tape, decoupage rose and some eyeshadow:)
The second one is decorated with scrapbook stickers, some collage paper and silver glitter glue:)

četvrtak, 16. kolovoza 2012.

Wardrobe essentials

You probably heard like a million times these two words- wardrobe essentials.
If you watch some fashion shows on TV or surfing fashion blogs, you'll hear from almost every stylist about these pieces that are  building blocks of every style.

Wardrobe essentials are basically simple garments that can be worn with almost everything, at any time of the year.

 Having these simple garments in your wardrobe you have a great help for every style and occasion because they are incredibly flexible- you can change the whole look by adding different accessories.

I read somewhere that you can create up to 40 outfits with just 6 basic garments and a few accessories. 

So, here is the list of these wardrobe essentials.


Very important part of your wardrobe.
It's best if they are in neutral colors like gray, white, black,navy  and beige. But don't be afraid to buy some colors:)
They are great for layering your look, you can combine them with all kinds of vests, blouses, jackets and pullovers.



Every woman should have a simple black, white or beige blouse for some dressy occasions that goes great with jeans, fancy pants or a simple skirt.



My favorite item:)
These are great for adding texture to plain clothes and for layering your look. They are very cosy and can look really classy with the right kind of shirt.


Very important for adding great finish to the outfit.
Garments that are always werable:
- black leather jacket
- denim jacket
- neutral trench coat or blazer
- neutral wool coat


It goes with everything and it is basic of casual chic style.
You should make sure that denim  pants suit your figure and you have an amazing garment that will look sexy, casual or sophisticated worn with different kinds of tops and accessories.

utorak, 14. kolovoza 2012.

Fancy belt tutorial

I didn't have any suitable material so I took the first one that had been laying around:)
The material should be firm and without elastic.

First  cut the pattern and put it on the material. You need two folded pieces.
Trace the pattern and cut the fabric.

My material was really thin so I added a lining that will firm the fabric. You should cut it in the shape of pattern and iron it on the fabric from the inside (wrong side).

Sew the folding end and you can zig zag front endings.
Then sew together side endings.
Turn it to the right side and iron it.

Cut some elastics and sew it in the middle the way you like it.
Iron it again and put some decorations if you want:)
I made these two little bows a long time ago and it's time to use them:)
And these are my two fashionable belts:))

ponedjeljak, 13. kolovoza 2012.

Make your own unique elastics- part 2

This one is very simple- I just sewed some buttons on the elastic. You can play with different button shapes and colors:)

For this yellow flower you need a few pieces of yellow felt which you'll cut to look like petals and two small circles of felt. First you put hot glue on one circle and put your petals one by one, forming a flower. You can put a small stone or pearl in the middle. The other circle goes on the elastic and then you just glue the circle with petals on that empty circle with elastic in between:)
The third one is also very simple. You need just a piece of elastic, a button and some decorative sewing tape. Make a small bow, sew the button in the middle and glue together on the elastic.

These are my simple elastics for now :) You can experiment with colors, materials and shapes. It is so easy to make your own unique accessories :)

nedjelja, 12. kolovoza 2012.

How to dress for your advantage

Throughout the history clothes is worn basically for 3 reasons:
- utility
- hierarchical principle (social status)
- seduction principle

What can we discover about people by their clothing:
- age
- occupation (uniforms)
- social status
- geographic area (country, city)
- season and weather
- time of day and occasion
- activity
- historical period
- gender
- intention
The right clothing can make a difference in our lives. It can make you feel comfortable, relaxed and self-assured, especially in new situations.With flattering colors and styles you're feel more confident.
We use clothing to express your personality, emotions and individual style.

When you walk into a room, you create an impression. An impression is an image that forms in the mind of others. It is based on combination of clothes, grooming and general health.
Good grooming includes healthy-looking skin,clean teeth, neat nails and shiny hair.

Good general health is best promoted with proper eating habits and exercise.

By learning what clothing tells about us, we can become able to send messages about ourselves that we truly want to send.

Emotions can affect clothing choices.If you're happy and cheerful you'll probably go for bright and bold colors. If you're feeling down , you may select dark colors subconsciously.
Wearing your favorite clothing combination can really boost your confidence.


1. Ask your friends and family what they think about colors that suits you the most. This is really helpful because sometimes we don't see ourselves objectively so we need help from someone outside our head:)

2. Buy a multicolor paper block (I got one in Lidl store for about 20 kn). Take each color sheet and put it against your face in front of a mirror. Watch your reflection and try to see if the specific color suits your eye color, hair and complexion. Pick some colors you think suit you the best and ask others for some advice about that.
The best way to choose what kind of shirts, dresses, pant and other pieces of clothes suit you the most is to try on as many styles as you can.
So take your best friend and go for a non shopping spree:)
Go from store to store and try all kinds of different types of skirts, pants and other garments.
You'll see that this is the best way to discover what kind of clothing suits your body shape and personality:)