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How to dress for your advantage

Throughout the history clothes is worn basically for 3 reasons:
- utility
- hierarchical principle (social status)
- seduction principle

What can we discover about people by their clothing:
- age
- occupation (uniforms)
- social status
- geographic area (country, city)
- season and weather
- time of day and occasion
- activity
- historical period
- gender
- intention
The right clothing can make a difference in our lives. It can make you feel comfortable, relaxed and self-assured, especially in new situations.With flattering colors and styles you're feel more confident.
We use clothing to express your personality, emotions and individual style.

When you walk into a room, you create an impression. An impression is an image that forms in the mind of others. It is based on combination of clothes, grooming and general health.
Good grooming includes healthy-looking skin,clean teeth, neat nails and shiny hair.

Good general health is best promoted with proper eating habits and exercise.

By learning what clothing tells about us, we can become able to send messages about ourselves that we truly want to send.

Emotions can affect clothing choices.If you're happy and cheerful you'll probably go for bright and bold colors. If you're feeling down , you may select dark colors subconsciously.
Wearing your favorite clothing combination can really boost your confidence.


1. Ask your friends and family what they think about colors that suits you the most. This is really helpful because sometimes we don't see ourselves objectively so we need help from someone outside our head:)

2. Buy a multicolor paper block (I got one in Lidl store for about 20 kn). Take each color sheet and put it against your face in front of a mirror. Watch your reflection and try to see if the specific color suits your eye color, hair and complexion. Pick some colors you think suit you the best and ask others for some advice about that.
The best way to choose what kind of shirts, dresses, pant and other pieces of clothes suit you the most is to try on as many styles as you can.
So take your best friend and go for a non shopping spree:)
Go from store to store and try all kinds of different types of skirts, pants and other garments.
You'll see that this is the best way to discover what kind of clothing suits your body shape and personality:)

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