utorak, 14. kolovoza 2012.

Fancy belt tutorial

I didn't have any suitable material so I took the first one that had been laying around:)
The material should be firm and without elastic.

First  cut the pattern and put it on the material. You need two folded pieces.
Trace the pattern and cut the fabric.

My material was really thin so I added a lining that will firm the fabric. You should cut it in the shape of pattern and iron it on the fabric from the inside (wrong side).

Sew the folding end and you can zig zag front endings.
Then sew together side endings.
Turn it to the right side and iron it.

Cut some elastics and sew it in the middle the way you like it.
Iron it again and put some decorations if you want:)
I made these two little bows a long time ago and it's time to use them:)
And these are my two fashionable belts:))

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  1. Moram ovo isprobati! Ali nemam čvrstu tkaninu i još se nisam upoznala s mašinom za šivanje, predugo to odgađam... baš su ti lijepo ispali :)

  2. Interesantno :)