ponedjeljak, 13. kolovoza 2012.

Make your own unique elastics- part 2

This one is very simple- I just sewed some buttons on the elastic. You can play with different button shapes and colors:)

For this yellow flower you need a few pieces of yellow felt which you'll cut to look like petals and two small circles of felt. First you put hot glue on one circle and put your petals one by one, forming a flower. You can put a small stone or pearl in the middle. The other circle goes on the elastic and then you just glue the circle with petals on that empty circle with elastic in between:)
The third one is also very simple. You need just a piece of elastic, a button and some decorative sewing tape. Make a small bow, sew the button in the middle and glue together on the elastic.

These are my simple elastics for now :) You can experiment with colors, materials and shapes. It is so easy to make your own unique accessories :)

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